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Can You Drive Efficient Leads with Quora Advertising?

By Zuhur Ahmed, Digital Acquisition Associate

Quora is a popular question and answer site that has it’s own advertising platform in May of 2017. However, this platform only peaked our interest recently when the platform launched conversion optimized campaigns. In this month’s DR Insider article we’ll describe what Quora is, what types of campaigns perform best on this platform and lastly the pros and cons.


New Look and Feel Same Old Issue: Results

By Bryan Walkey, CEO

As we roll out a new version of our website this week it makes me reflect on the journey that got us here, nearly a year in the making. In early February we undertook a self review process of our own marketing and positioning strategy. This is how we came to Results, Guaranteed.


Get the Most out of Your Creative with a Modular Approach to Production

By Sarah Pidgeon, Account Manager

Modularization is the process of building an additional set of scenes, or alternate scenes, that aren’t included in your core commercial, but are built in to the creative and production process as additional assets to leverage for testing, regionality or fatigue. Best of all, modularity can provide you with a number of creatives without breaking your production budget – leaving you more room to test, optimize, and drive response with your media buy. But where do you start, and what kind of modulation is right for you?


2018 Canadian Upfronts Key Takeaways

By Christina Ly, Senior Account Manager

Another season of Upfronts has come to an end. Canadian broadcasters made several high-profile announcements, from targeting advancements to rebrands and content acquisitions, but how much of it will be a game changer for DRTV? As we sought answers to this question at the 2018 Upfronts, below were our key takeaways.


Let Me Be Upfront with You

By Matt White, Senior Media Buyer/Planner

This year’s crop of TV Upfronts followed patterns of recent years with demands for higher pricing, aggregation of the available media opportunities, and an increased emphasis on inclusivity. With what may seem like more for the same, for savvy marketers, there are certainly things to take away from the presentations.


Why the Cambridge Analytica Scandal should not Deter you from Advertising on Facebook

By Emma Ballard, Digital Account Manager

The scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica should not deter brands from advertising on Facebook. That’s not to say that Facebook isn’t in trouble—because it is. The company is currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Facebook’s stock value has taken a hit. However, from the consumer and marketer side the impact of the fallout is limited.


The Top 3 Trends Transforming Business Intelligence in 2018

By Michael Evert, VP of Data & Analytics

Over the last 15 years, big data has exploded in the media industry and new technologies have arisen to wrangle it in and help us illustrate the story it tells. I won’t bore you with the details on the emergence of open source technologies for distributed data storage like Hadoop or new programming languages like Pig, Hive or Python that are typically associated with analyzing “big data”. However this evolution in technology has led us to what we are about to experience – here is what’s trending in BI in 2018:


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