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2018 Canadian Upfronts Key Takeaways

By Christina Ly, Senior Account Manager

Another season of Upfronts has come to an end. Canadian broadcasters made several high-profile announcements, from targeting advancements to rebrands and content acquisitions, but how much of it will be a game changer for DRTV? As we sought answers to this question at the 2018 Upfronts, below were our key takeaways.


Let Me Be Upfront with You

By Matt White, Senior Media Buyer/Planner

This year’s crop of TV Upfronts followed patterns of recent years with demands for higher pricing, aggregation of the available media opportunities, and an increased emphasis on inclusivity. With what may seem like more for the same, for savvy marketers, there are certainly things to take away from the presentations.


Why the Cambridge Analytica Scandal should not Deter you from Advertising on Facebook

By Emma Ballard, Digital Account Manager

The scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica should not deter brands from advertising on Facebook. That’s not to say that Facebook isn’t in trouble—because it is. The company is currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Facebook’s stock value has taken a hit. However, from the consumer and marketer side the impact of the fallout is limited.


The Top 3 Trends Transforming Business Intelligence in 2018

By Michael Evert, VP of Data & Analytics

Over the last 15 years, big data has exploded in the media industry and new technologies have arisen to wrangle it in and help us illustrate the story it tells. I won’t bore you with the details on the emergence of open source technologies for distributed data storage like Hadoop or new programming languages like Pig, Hive or Python that are typically associated with analyzing “big data”. However this evolution in technology has led us to what we are about to experience – here is what’s trending in BI in 2018:


Facebook’s Algorithm Update and How it Affects your Campaign Performance

By Joseph Fitzpatrick, Digital Specialist

On January 11th 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that there would be a new Facebook algorithm. As with every big announcement from Facebook or Google, there was the inevitable panic and prophecies of doom as advertisers and brands rushed to make sense of the news. Realistically, these updates really only end up affecting a small group of users, reducing the tornado of change to a draft of inconvenience. In this article we will give you the breakdown of what those inconveniences, if any, will be.


Why Not All Digital is Direct Response

By Emma Ballard, Digital Account Manager

As digital budgets become bigger and bigger, networks and platforms – in their attempts to follow the money – will be offering new opportunities to advertisers, many of which will be more relevant to brand marketing and less appropriate for direct response. However, these tactics can and should be used to support a direct response strategy – and we’ve outlined how.


Changes in Direct Response TV

By Matt White, Senior Media Buyer/Planner

Unlike the crystal clear picture streaming through your favorite online service, the lines between traditional brand advertising and direct response have never been more blurred. Both, however, face the same challenges, in an ever-changing media landscape that evolves as fast as the devices we consume with. 


Changes to the Game – Decline in Traditional Response

By Chad MacKay, Senior Media Buyer/Planner

September 13th, 2017 marked a record for the Cleveland Indians, reaching 21 consecutive game wins – tying with the 1935 Chicago Cubs record and surpassing the 2002 American League record set by the Oakland Athletics, a team assembled by general manager Billy Beane using an analytical, evidence-based, sabermetric approach.


5 things NOT to do when running Facebook Ads

By Joe Fitzpatrick, Search Specialist

Wondering if Facebook is the right channel for your business? Trying to figure out why you aren’t seeing the results you expected?

Whether you manage a Facebook account or work with an agency who manages it for your company, this article will cover 5 of the most common mistakes or pitfalls all advertisers using Facebook’s platform need to be aware of. (more…)

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