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It’s not about impressions. It’s about Sales.

Our direct response digital marketing is about generating leads and driving sales. While other agencies boast about impressions and eyeballs, we use direct response creative, media, data and analytics to drive huge lead volumes, high conversions and sales, sales and more sales.

We are experts in digital analytics – using our knowledge and expertise to attain detailed and accurate assessments of CPL, CPA and prospect behavior from click to on-site navigation.

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Using Google Analytics, our weekly reporting includes a summary of impressions served, spots that ran, calls, clicks, cost per click, cost per order, average conversion rate and ROI – all fully customizable. Also captured in the report is a comprehensive analysis of performance across the various testing matrices, insights, optimization recommendations and new testing opportunities.

DR Digital Services:

  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • SMO – Social Media Optimization
  • DAO – Digital Asset Optimization
  • Display / banner ads – static and rich media
  • Mobile marketing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Remarketing
  • Transactional microsites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Landing pages
  • E-blasts
  • Advertorial and native content
  • In app
  • Facebook Ads
  • You Tube and online video
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Prospect management
Planning, competitive research, audience profiling, complete campaign development and execution from the ground up.
Full service creative development from initial strategy and concept development to copywriting, wireframing, design, programming, QA testing and implementation. English, Spanish and French language capabilities.
Full digital media planning, buying, integration and optimization. Traditional digital, programmatic direct, advertorial, native, email, mobile, in app, Facebook and YouTube.
Campaign strategy, account set-up and full auditing capabilities, competitive research, keyword mining, ad copy development, ongoing campaign management and optimization.
Campaign integration, content development, advertising (Facebook and YouTube), measurement and analysis.
Comprehensive reporting, analysis and recommendations plus attribution modelling and data mining.
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Digital Video: Digital’s Golden Child or the next Ninja Warrior Challenge?

By Pippa Nutt, Sr. Vice President, Digital/Canadian Media & Partner

So you want to drive sales for a lower CPA than your TV ad buy, and you think YouTube is the place to be? Oh, and you want to use your existing commercial spot? Welcome to every client call over the last year, it’s like Grumpy Cat on replay.

I know it’s the fastest growing digital channel, and I know Justin Beiber has the most subscribers and Selena Gomez is the Queen of Instagram (what is wrong with the world?), but there are some things you need to know about digital video advertising before jumping head first into the well.  […]

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How to Up Conversions by Looking Past the Last Click

By Samantha Dimitriou, Search Specialist

Quick question — if you’re pouring big bucks into Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other digital channels but virtually all your sales are coming through either Google Adwords (branded search) or direct traffic, do you: […]

2017 Canadian Direct Response Outlook: The Toppling of an Empire

By Pippa Nutt, Sr. Vice President, Digital/Canadian Media & Partner

Video killed the radio star, digital killed magazines and newspapers, and guess what TV? You’re next. […]

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Data: The Cause and Solution of Every Marketer’s Problem

By Bryan Walkey, Partner

With the 2016 U.S. Presidential election now in the history books, one of the more interesting sideshows (of many) was the near-universal miss by the pollsters. […]

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