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No time (or money) for guesswork.

At Northern Lights Direct, we use the most advanced reporting and analytics systems in the industry to track call leads, orders, sales, upsells, trends, web activity and ROI – information that’s critical to ongoing media optimization and the success of your campaign.

DRTV Media Buying, Direct Response Media Buy

Reporting & Analytics – Media Buying | Planning

Whether a single channel or integrated campaign, our reporting & analytics is a core service offering for our clients and their campaigns. This service is instrumental in helping clients grow their business by generating leads, sales and donations, by acquiring customers and donors and by driving retail traffic and sales.


We utilize CoreDirect, the most advanced direct response reporting system in the industry. CoreDirect combines media buy information with ratings, verification data and sales results to instantly analyze campaign performance and measure ROI. We are able to track calls, leads, orders, sales, upsells, web activity and ROI on a per-station level for campaigns.

Additionally, we utilize Kantar Research and BBM Analytics (Numeris) to analyze multiple broadcast datasets, including TV meter data and TV diary data. Through the use of BBM we are able to analyze audience trending by date, station, daypart, program and more. This data is critical to the ongoing media optimization process.

DR Digital

With every campaign launch, we initiate and implement Google Analytics. This provides a significantly more detailed and accurate assessment of the CPA and prospecting behavior from click to on-site navigation. If an Analytics account already exists, we would leverage that and create a new website profile (or series of profiles, if required) and define all goals, filters and funnels associated with tracking activity specific to the campaign.

Weekly reporting includes a summary of impressions served, spot that ran, calls, clicks, cost per order, average conversion rate and ROI – all fully customizable. Also captured in the report is a comprehensive analysis of performance across the various testing matrices, insights and recommendations with respect to campaign optimization, and any new testing opportunities.

Market and competitive research, audience profiling and planning using our industry research tools such as BBM Analytics (Numeris), Kantar Research and Google Analytics.
Comprehensive and ongoing reporting with CoreDirect for DRTV and Google Analytics for DR Digital.
Comprehensive analysis and recommendations plus attribution modelling and data mining for DRTV and DR Digital.
Ongoing micro-media management, testing, responsive analysis and data-based strategies and implementation.

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