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DR Digital

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Reporting & Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting and analytics is instrumental in optimizing campaigns.
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  • ap_rebecca_lg

Direct Response TV Media: US Outlook and Trends in 2015

By Rebecca Barr, Vice President, U.S. Media

Compared to 2014, which saw its shares of ups and downs in the Direct Response marketplace, 2015 looks like a dream. No Winter Olympics. No mid-term elections. Nada. […]

  • ap_pippa_lg

2015 Canadian Direct Response Outlook: The Year of Digital Disruption

By Pippa Nutt, Senior Vice President, Digital and Canadian Media

Now that another hectic holiday season is behind us and we have ushered in the New Year, we can’t help but wonder what 2015 has in store for the world of Direct Response. […]

  • ap_ian_lg

What Would David Ogilvy Say About Today’s TV Advertising?

By Robert Ian French, President

If the late, great David Ogilvy was still with us, what do you think he’d say about the current state of TV advertising? […]

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