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  • A guide to DRTV Media in the US and Canada: Part Two

Part Two: U.S. & Canadian DRTV Media – Unfiltered

By Jason Bohrer, Associate Media Director, U.S. and Jessica Muzzin, Associate Media Director, Canada

You’ve read Part One of our guide to DRTV Media in the U.S. and Canada. Now, our Associate Media Directors are back to take a deeper dive into the current and future trends affecting the media landscape. […]

  • direct-response-data-and-analytics

It’s All About the Data: Tips for DR Campaign Success

By Megan Downs, Data & Reporting Supervisor

When you’re considering launching a media campaign, you’re likely putting a lot of focus on the media plans, budget, and creative selections. And if you’re like most advertisers, you’re likely overlooking one of the most important elements of your campaign — the data! […]

  • millennials-direct-response-other-lies

Millennials Don’t ‘Do’ Direct Response (and Other Lies)

By Robert Ian French, President & Partner

Wow! According to recent population data, Millennials have officially overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest living generation in North America.

Speaking as a direct marketer, this is great news. […]

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Sales • Donations • Customer Acquisition • Lead Generation • Drive to Retail

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Featured Blog Post

Five Deadly DRTV Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

By Robert Ian French, President & Partner

The best way to create powerful, highly profitable DRTV commercials is to avoid making the strategic mistakes that too often ruin a promising campaign.

Here are the Big Five and how to avoid them:

1. Focusing on What Makes You Different (Instead of What Makes You Good)

Every company naturally wants to focus on what differentiates their product or service from their competitors’. But in DRTV, that’s usually a bad idea.

Here’s why: although the unique features of your product or service may convince consumers to purchase it instead of a competitor’s, it’s not what makes them want to purchase the product in the first place. It’s not what drives their decision to buy and, if you focus on differences too much, you risk not focusing on what the consumer is really interested in: the core value of the product.

DRTV Commercials

To be effective, a DRTV commercial must demonstrate the value of the product first, then – and only then – why your version of the product is better.

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